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Free Style Hair Studio Is open for Service and following the Massachusetts Covid-19 Safety Standards for Hair Salons.


Hello, I hope you, your family and friends are well during this ever changing time in our lives. Here is some information about how I have implemented changes in my salon. First and foremost I work alone and only do one client at at time. I wear two masks, a disposable one underneath my fancy double layered mask I made myself. Everything you and I touch is sanitized, including all of the implements I use to do your hair as well as receiving a freshly washed cape. There is a front door and back door for cross ventilation weather permitting. Hand sanitizer is located on my desk near the front door and on my station where I will be doing your hair within arms reach. You do not have to wear gloves unless you want to but please wear a disposable mask that fits securely around your ears and not around your head. Your beautiful handmade mask will get wet or damaged if you are having a color or highlight. disposable masks are available if you need one. For more information concerning the Covid-19 safety standards for salons please go to:

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Mindy Cooper

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